Department of Pharmaceutics

Department of pharmaceutics is one of the important departments in pharmacy with an important educational and research place at different levels of education including PhD General, and PhD. The aim of pharmaceutics as a science is to transform drugs of natural or synthetic origin into pharmaceutical products (various drug forms or drug-transferring systems) and enable them to send drugs to the effective locations at the suitable time and for a favorable period, as well as to make drugs acceptable to the patients. Among such systems one may note to the various drug forms, such as tablets, capsules, syrups, and/or more complex systems including Nano-particles, aimed systems, responsive systems, osmotic pumps, implanting systems, cutaneous patches, and recently, the micro-chips. 

The process of preparing a pharmaceutical product begins with preliminary studies, or in other words, pre-formulation work on the primary medicinal materials. In such studies, different physical and chemical properties of the materials are studied. Then, with using side-materials, or the continuation of the process, a product with favorable efficiency and applications are produced, which is called “formulation”. 



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